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Autel Evo II

The Autel EVO II Drone goes above and beyond.  Filmmakers, photographers, and hobbyists alike have been waiting for the newest innovation from Autel, and now it's here! The with a choice between the 8K high resolution camera of the standard version and the outstanding 6K camera on the Pro version, there's an option for every need.

The lightweight foldable design, and smart flight capabilities blows the competition out of the water. The opportunities are endless as you pilot and see the world through the controller’s built-in 3.3-inch OLED screen. 

Pilots can rest assured that they have a unique solution for an incomparable performance with the EVO II. A true pioneer in the drone industry, the Autel EVO II can be deployed in under thirty seconds and fly smoothly and steadily at 45 MPH!


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