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DJI DronesDJI's flagship drone, the Phantom series, has been bought by more people than any drone on the planet. Offering a variety of features from consumer to commercial to professional grades, there is a Phantom 4 made for almost any video job. Check out our DJI Phantom 4 drones and accessories - all available with super affordable monthly payments and $0 due today!

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Evolution of the DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter

Released to the world in early 2016, the Phantom 4 introduced obstacle avoidance to the Phantom series for the first time as well as faster speeds and the longest distance yet - up to 3.1 miles. Its 4K/12MP camera was the best on any drone at the time.

Not content with just those improvements, DJI launched the Phantom 4 Pro later that year, which has a better 4K/20MP camera with a wider lens and the best obstacle avoidance system of the entire Phantom line. It can avoid obstacles on all 4 sides and underneath the drone.

In 2017, introduced the Phantom 4 Advanced - a "happy medium" between the Standard Phantom 4 and the Phantom 4 Pro. With a price point in between the Pro and Standard versions, the Advanced model has the same phenomenal camera as the Phantom 4 Pro without the side and rear obstacle avoidance of the Phantom 4 Pro.

Finally, DJI introduced the PLUS (+) versions of both the Phantom 4 Advanced and Phantom 4 Pro. The + versions of both drones feature a CrystalSky monitor, which is not only much clearer than a typical phone or tablet, but you can view your drone's performance in up to 5 times brighter sunlight. It is the monitor of choice for all professional drone pilots.

If you want a Standard Phantom 4, get it now while supplies last. DJI is no longer making the Standard version. Choose from the available Phantom 4 models and accessories, above, and take advantage of our low monthly payment options!