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DJI™ Spark

DJI DronesOne of the most popular drones right now, the DJI Spark makes flying a drone easier than ever before. What separates this drone from others is that, not only is it DJI's smallest drone, but it can recognize your face and respond to hand gestures that you and only you can use to control your Spark. Choose from a variety of DJI Spark drone packages and accessories - all with incredible low monthly payment options - and be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page for more information and DJI Spark FAQs.

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The DJI Spark Difference

The DJI Spark is about the size of your hand and, in fact, can take off from and even land in your palm. Tons of autonomous autopilot features are built in that will make it look like you've been flying drones for years.

The two-axis mechanical gimbal and 1080P/12MP camera will have you taking some of the best pictures and videos of your life. So cute and easy to use, the Spark just may become your new best friend!

You can choose from either our DJI Spark Drone or the better value DJI Spark Fly More Combo packages - available in 5 different colors.

DJI Spark Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a DJI Spark instead of other similar size drones like a Parrot Bebop or Yuneec Breeze?

The main advantage that the DJI Spark has over similar sized drones like the Parrot Bebop and Yuneec Breeze is that the Spark has a 2-axis gimbal camera. While that is not quite as good as the 3-axis gimbal that all of the other DJI drones have, it allows the camera to correct for pitch and roll - something that the Breeze and Bebop do not do. Yuneec and Parrot try to compensate for the jumpy video that their drones record with digital stabilization but that results in data loss and poorer, jumpier footage.

In addition to having steadier video footage, the DJI Spark offers a wide range of special flight features that other drone brands' mini drones do not. The Spark's autonomous flight features include:

  • Gesture modes which allow you to launch, change directions, follow or fly away from you, take your picture and land in the palm of your hand.
  • Special pre-programmed QuickShot flight patterns, including Rocket, Dronie, Circle, and Helix.
  • TapFly mode which allows you to tap your screen and the Spark will fly in the direction of your tap or to a specific spot that you tap.
  • ActiveTrack, which will follow any person, animal or object you select.

How big is the DJI Spark?

The DJI Spark is 5.63"L x 5.63"W x 2.16"H. It's small enough to toss in a purse or backpack.

How much does the DJI Spark weigh?

DJI's smallest and lightest drone, the Spark only weighs .66 lbs. 

How fast can the DJI Spark fly?

When utilizing Sport Mode, the DJI Spark can fly up to 31 miles per hour.

How far can a DJI Spark fly?

A DJI Spark can only fly about 100 yards if you are piloting it with just a smart pone or tablet. When flown with the optional DJI Spark remote controller, a DJI Spark can be controlled up to 1.2 miles away.

How long can a DJI Spark fly?

The DJI Spark battery lasts for approximately 16 minutes. The battery in the optional Spark remote controller lasts for approximately 2.5 hours.

What are the camera specs on a DJI Spark?

The DJI Spark's camera is mounted on a 2-axis gimbal, which corrects for pitch and roll. It has a f/2.6 wide-angle lens with a 25 mm equivalent focal length. The Spark's camera features a .53 inch CMOS sensor, allowing you to shoot stabilized video at 1080p and stills at 12 MP.

How long does it take to charge a DJI Spark battery?

Using the standard Spark battery charger, it takes about 80 minutes to charge a Spark battery. If you are using the optional DJI Spark Battery Charging Hub, it takes 52 minutes to charge one battery, 55 minutes when charging two batteries simultaneously and 85 minutes when charging three batteries at the same time. The optional Spark remote controller takes 2 hours to fully charge.

What Micro SD cards have been approved for use with the DJI Spark?

16 GB:

Sandisk 16 GB UHS-1 Micro SDHC
Kingston 16 GB UHS-1 Micro SDHC
Samsung 16 GB UHS-I Micro SDHC

32 GB:

Sandisk 32 GB UHS-1 Micro SDHC
Kingston 32 GB UHS-1 Micro SDHC
Samsung 32 GB UHS-I Micro SDHC

64 GB:

Sandisk 64 GB UHS-1 Micro SDXC
Kingston 64 GB UHS-1 Micro SDXC
Samsung 64 GB UHS-I Micro SDXC

PLEASE NOTE: Patriot EPPRO 64GB MicroSDXC UHS-3 Micro SD cards are NOT recommended for use with the DJI Spark.

Where can I get more information about how to fly my DJI Spark drone?

You can get more detailed DJI Spark specs, view ten different tutorial videos and download the latest software and hardware updates for the Spark by visiting this page on DJI's website.