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Drone Protection Plans

CPS Drone Protection InsuranceThere is not a single drone pilot out there who has not crashed their drone(s) multiple times. Too many variables can lead to disaster when you are flying a drone - especially if you are a new drone pilot. Wind gusts, batteries that lose power, components that fail, unseen obstacles and plain old pilot error are some of the many things that can go wrong.

Sad as it may be, drones crash. Sometimes the crashes are minor and result in only a scuff or a broken propeller or two. Other times, a crash is devastating and results in a drone so severely damaged, it cannot be repaired for less money than a whole new drone would cost.

Drone protection plans take care of any repairs your drone may need, whether they are mechanical problems or the result of a devastating crash. They even cover water damage - something that the manufacturer doesn't cover (just like your cell phone manufacturer doesn't). If you are new to flying drones and decide not to purchase a drone protection plan, all we can say is that we warned you!

Be smart; a drone is a considerable investment that operates in a very fragile environment. Protect your investment and don't be one of those people who email us, trying to get drone protection AFTER the worst has happened. You can only purchase this drone coverage BEFORE your drone arrives. And, unlike some of the protection plans offered by the manufacturers, there is *no limit to the number of crashes you can have in a year and still be covered.

As a leader and innovator in the field of service plans, Consumer Priority Service consistently exceeds industry standards when it comes to excellence in customer care and services. CPS offers extended warranty coverage to major retail stores for virtually all high ticket consumer purchases ranging from high-end consumer electronics to computers to major appliances and more.

To file a CPS Drone Protection claim, call CPS Customer Service at (800) 905–0443 option 3 for assistance with your claim.

* Drone protection coverage payments are limited to the total retail purchase price paid for your drone package. Warranty plans do not take effect until 31 days AFTER the shipping date of your drone. Once a drone has been marked as "Fulfilled", CPS Drone Protection Warranties cannot be canceled. There are no refunds whatsoever on drone protection policies, regardless of the reason.

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