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Refurbished DJI Drones

DJI DronesIf you are looking for an outstanding deal on a drone, this is how you get one. Buy a refurbished drone! There is absolutely no difference between a refurbished drone and a brand new one. Refurbished drones have never been in an accident, they have no scratches or scuffs and they look and perform exactly the same as a brand new drone. Better still, they have the same warranty as a brand new drone, so the only real difference is that they cost much less!

It's your choice. You can pay up to a couple hundred dollars more for a brand new drone or get exactly the same thing with a refurbished one. We'll let you decide. Check out our Refurbished Drone Deals, below:

ORDER NOW: Refurbished drones are not like brand new drones in that we can order a bunch of them and they show up whenever we want them to. The availability of refurbished drones is pretty much up to how many people return an unflown drone to DJI within ten days of ordering it and sometimes it is quite some time before there are enough on hand for us to place an order. If you see a refurbished drone that you want, ORDER IT NOW, because it is very likely to be out of stock soon!

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Refurbished Drones Are NOT Used Drones!

Refurbished drones ARE NOT used drones. It's quite the opposite. They are drones that could not be or were not flown for a variety of reasons. Refurbished drones are ones that were simply returned to DJI, for whatever reason, within 10 days of being purchased. Sometimes they were returned because of buyer's remorse, sometimes they got returned when a gift recipient exchanged the drone for another one and sometimes there was a minor problem like a battery that would not hold a charge or a board that needed to be replaced.

Upon return, the drone is thoroughly tested and inspected by DJI. If any problems are found, the components are replaced with brand new ones and then they are packaged in the same box a brand new drone comes in.

Refurbished drones have EXACTLY THE SAME WARRANTY as brand new drones, so you can rest easy knowing that your refurbished drone really is just as good as a brand new one.

Even better, you can still buy a drone crash warranty and extended protection plan with a refurbished drone - just like you can with a brand new one.