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[Inactive] Toy Drones

If you've never piloted a drone before and want to hone your flying techniques before investing in a more expensive drone, a toy drone may be perfect for you.

Although some toy drones have cameras, most are for FPV (First Person View) to give you the sense that you are in the pilot seat. They are not high quality cameras and they do not have any sort of gimbal, meaning the video is not very good and is definitely pretty shaky.

The lack of a true mechanical gimbal puts a drone in the "toy" class. While it is true that drones like the Parrot Bebop 2 and Yuneec Breeze claim to have image stabilization that acts like a gimbal, it's not nearly as smooth as a mechanical gimbal and results in slight, but perceptible jumps in the video.

Some toy drones even feature "headless mode", which allows brand new drone pilots to avoid the left/right, forward/reverse confusion that naturally occurs the first time someone flies a drone. In headless mode, the drone always flies in the direction the joystick is pointing to instead of turning in the direction the front of the drone is facing. While this may seem ideal, none of the higher end drones have headless mode, so it is best to learn to fly a drone properly by turning headless mode off.

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