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About ExpoDrone

We are a top drone retailer, started in 2014, with over 2,262 satisfied customers. We're based in Sheridan, Wyoming.

ExpoDrone is a place where anyone - from a business owner, to a new enthusiast - can go to get a good deal and know they’ll be taken care of.

We provides an accessible way to get a quality drone. Our shop is easy to use, helps those curious about buying a drone, and we work with our customers to meet them where they are.

About Me

Hi, I'm Josh! I'm an Aerospace Engineer working at one of the most exciting companies in the space industry, but I'm also the owner of Expodrone.



I got into selling drones specifically because I love the tech. Drones are changing the world - how we work and how we play.  I want to help everyone be a part of that change. Whether you're a dad who wants an awesome aerial view of his kid's ball game or a professional real estate agent trying to get that million-dollar view in a room with a vaulted ceiling, I want you to be able to have those experiences with the best tech and in the most affordable way for you.

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