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Backordered Drones

From time to time, due to overwhelming worldwide demand, we cannot get as many drones from the factory as our customers need. Don't worry; the factory is making them as quickly as they can and we'll have them soon!

Below, are the drones that are currently backordered, along with the date that we expect them to be in stock again on our website. These are anticipated dates only and we cannot guarantee that they will be available on these dates. They could arrive a little earlier; maybe slightly later.

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven't already done so, it is an extremely good idea to order your drone now - even if it is on backorder. Backordered drones are sent to customers on a first ordered, first shipped basis and we cannot guarantee that our entire supply of previously backordered drones will leave enough for new orders.

Drone Name -  expected to be in stock on [date]