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Paying for Your Drone: Bread Financing vs. Split It

At Expo Drone, our goal is to make it possible for EVERYONE to enjoy a brand new, authentic DJI™ drone. That's why we offer 2 amazing ways for you to get a drone now and pay for it over time through low monthly payments... Bread Financing and Split It.

Following is a side-by-side comparison to help you choose which payment option is best for you...


Bread Financing

Split It

Overview Apply for a new credit account with our third-party financing provider (Bread) to pay over up to 36 months Use your existing credit card to split up today's purchase into 12 equal monthly payments
Repayment Term Up to 36 months (3 years) 12 months (1 year)
Interest Rate Rates range from 6.99% to 29.99% APR (pending approval) 0.00% (no interest) *
Processing Fee
None $149 one-time processing fee
Approval Rate Fairly low if you don't have a good credit score and payment history (which is why Split It is the only option for a lot of customers) N/A - There is no application process. Each of the 12 monthly charges (each for 1/12th of the total purchase price) is simply charged to the VISA or MasterCard you already have
Biggest Pros Longer repayment term (up to 36 months) and very low monthly payments Lower total cost for most purchases, no interest, no application & no credit check
Biggest Cons Fairly low approval rate and higher overall cost (since it's a 3-year repayment term) Higher monthly payments than Bread (since repayment term is only 12 months)
How to Order 1. Add items to your shopping cart
2. Begin checkout process
3. Select Bread as your payment method
4. Complete the short Bread credit application & select your payment plan
1. Add items to your shopping cart
2. Also add this item to your cart (which is the one-time $149 Split It processing fee)
3. Begin checkout process
4. Select Split It as your payment method

Bread Financing Example

Let's say you want to buy the Mavic Air (which is $799) along with the 2-year crash protection plan (which is $239) so you can fly it with 100% peace of mind. That's a total of $1,038.

During the checkout process, you'd select Bread as your payment method and then fill out the brief Bread credit application. Assuming you were approved for a 36-month repayment term at an APR of 19.99%, your monthly payment would be just $38.57. (The monthly payment could be as little as $32.05/month with a 6.99% APR or as much as $44.06/month with a 29.99% APR.) Over the 3-year repayment term, you'd pay a total of $1,388.54.

Split It Example

Now let's say you bought those same 2 products (the Mavic Air for $799, plus a 2-year crash protection plan for $239) but chose to use Split It as your payment option instead.

Before beginning the checkout process, you would need to add this item to your cart (which is the $149 Split It processing fee), which would bring the order total to $1,187. Then during checkout, you'd select Split It as your payment method.

With Split It, the $1,187 total order amount would be split into 12 equal payments of $98.92 each. The first $98.92 charge would hit your credit card today, the next $98.92 charge would hit your card a month from today, and so on... with the last $98.92 charge hitting your card 11 months from now. Over the 1-year repayment term, you'd pay a total of $1,187.00 (having paid zero interest*). This is $201.54 less than the total you'd pay with Bread, clearly making Split It the lower-cost option.

Split It FAQs

Why do we charge a $149 processing fee to use Split It? To cover our costs. As you can imagine with a zero-interest* payment plan like Split It, our processing fees are much higher than typical credit card processing fees. The one-time processing fee helps us cover most of our cost for making this payment option available to you.

To make a $1,000 purchase using Split It, do I need $1,000 of available credit on my credit card? Yes, even though your card will only be charged 1/12th of the order total each month, you must have enough available credit on your Visa or MasterCard for the full order amount.

Will using Split It result in a credit check? Nope. You're not applying for a new line of credit or additional credit. You're just using your existing credit card account like you do every day.

What interest rate will I pay with Split It? Zero. The only fee you'll ever be charged for using Split It is the $149 processing fee, which is added to the order total. That's it... ever! Neither ExpoDrone nor Split It charges any additional fees or interest.*

I still have questions about Split It... Where can I get answers? Check out this page on the Split It website.


* These statements refer to the fact that Split It does not charge any interest fees. As with any purchase you make using your credit card, your credit card company may charge you interest if you do not pay off your full statement balance each billing period.