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DJI™ Goggles - Refurbished (As Low As $9.01/Month*)
DJI™ Goggles - Refurbished (As Low As $9.01/Month*)
DJI™ Goggles - Refurbished (As Low As $9.01/Month*)
DJI™ Goggles - Refurbished (As Low As $9.01/Month*)
DJI™ Goggles - Refurbished (As Low As $9.01/Month*)
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DJI™ Goggles - Refurbished (As Low As $9.01/Month*)



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    Refurbished Original DJI Goggles - Great Deal on 1080P Immersive FPV!

    The only thing better than owning a set of the original DJI Goggles is getting them at an incredible price. If you want a great DJI Goggles deal, this is how you get it. Buy a refurbished DJI Googles!

    There is absolutely no difference between refurbished DJI Goggles and a brand new set (other than the fact that they don't make the original DJI Goggles anymore). Refurbished googles are ones that were simply returned, for whatever reason, within 10 days of being purchased. Sometimes they were returned because of buyer's remorse, sometimes they get returned when a gift recipient exchanged them for something else and sometimes there was a minor problem like a battery that would not hold a charge or a board that needed to be replaced.

    Upon return, the goggles are thoroughly tested and inspected. If any problems are found, the components are replaced with brand new ones and then they are packaged in the same box a brand set of goggles comes in.

    Refurbished DJI Goggles have EXACTLY THE SAME WARRANTY as a brand new set, so you can rest easy knowing that your refurbished goggles really are just as good as brand new ones.

    It's your choice. You can pay $270 more for the new DJI Racing Goggles or get refurbished ones of the previous version for $70 less than they originally sold for. We'll let you decide!

    DJI Goggles - View the World Like A Bird

    If you want to take your flying experience to a whole new level, these FPV DJI Googles are just the ticket. They will put you in the cockpit in a totally immersive experience where you are the pilot.

    Don't want to be a pilot? Pretend you're a bird and soar through the skies without a care in the world! 

    DJI goggles are compatible with:

    • Mavic Air
    • Mavic Pro
    • *Phantom 3 Advanced
    • *The entire Phantom 4 series
    • *Inspire 1
    • *Inspire 2

    * All drones except the Mavic Pro require a micro USB cable (not included) between the goggles and the remote controller. These are available everywhere and are the same cables used to charge most smart phones and many other devices.


    If you don’t believe you can fly, try this: Connect DJI Goggles to your drone.

    You will believe. DJI Goggles are that good. If your drone had a cockpit, this is what the world would look like with you aboard. And it becomes a cockpit for two - you and a lucky passenger - if you use two DJI Goggles simultaneously, which you can do.

    When you slip these comfortable goggles around your head and power up your drone, you’ll be completely immersed in the flying experience. See a city, a valley or majestic mountains stretched out before you.

    A twin display employs a higher definition than on most other goggles made for drone pilots. The goggles work with your remote controller, and they have fingertip controls built into a trackpad and buttons. If you wish, DJI Goggles even allow you to control your Mavic Pro - either the drone or just the gimbal and camera - using head movements only.

    The full flight control screen appears right in front of you: readouts, settings, menus, everything your drone sees in virtually real time. Or fly with your remote controller and put the goggles on a friend for a stunning, unforgettable experience. You will have one awed and grateful friend.

    Among the technical highlights of DJI Goggles:

    • Up to 1080p resolution (close-up); 720p resolution (long-distance)
    • Latency as low as 110ms
    • Reliable 360 degrees of signal coverage
    • Fingertip access to Intelligent Flight Modes
    • Card slot for downloading images recorded by your drone
    • Two hi-def screens inside the goggles
    • High-quality optics that prevent latticing
    • Shape that blocks all incoming light on almost all users for a better view of the screens
    • More than twice the pixels of typical 2K goggle screens
    • Maximum operation time of 6 hours
    • Head Tracking that allows control of the aircraft, or control of the gimbal and camera only
    • Weight of 2.4 pounds, making the goggles comfortable for long periods, even if you wear glasses
    • Compatibility with video feeds or video games from other devices (visuals only)
    • DJI Goggles Work with Many Drones

    The Mavic Pro and DJI Goggles both use the OccuSync video transmission system, so the goggles work wirelessly with Mavic Pro. Other compatible drones require an unobtrusive microUSB cable between the goggles and the remote controller: Phantom 3 Advanced, Phantom 4 series, Inspire 1 and Inspire 2.

    The Phantom 4 Pro+ requires the use of an HDMI cable, which transmits video only, not telemetry information or commands from the goggle buttons. You can use the goggles with non-DJI drones that have a controller with an HDMI port, but the transmission will be video only.

    How You Look

    Not bad, actually. Some drone pilots may shy away from goggles because of the space commando look. Yes, any goggles are a bit extraterrestrial in appearance, but the DJI Goggles are definitely less so. The look is quite grown up, thank you.

    The outside of these goggles is basically unadorned. Garish colors and silly graphics are left to other brands. The goggles are a handsome, understated combination of glossy white and gray. Buttons on the right portion of the underside are clearly marked in conservatively sized but easily readable type (you’ll have these memorized soon enough, anyway). The headband is solid plastic with a padded inner surface for comfort. And the antennas are totally discreet because they are inside the headband.

    What You See

    You see everything you need to see. In front of you will be what your drone camera sees, of course. You’ll also see displays of readouts for satellite connections, flight time, reserve power in your Intelligent Flight Battery, the active flight mode, flight telemetry data, such as height, horizontal and vertical speed, camera settings, and buttons for menus. If you want to simply marvel at the view and not be bothered with the readouts, you can turn the readouts off, then bring them back into view whenever you want.

    Excellent 1080p Imagery Without Latticing

    Each DJI Goggles headset has twin 5-inch screens - one for each eye. The 1080p resolution is superior to just about anything else on the market. Transmissions from longer distances are in 720p, but the view remains excellent. Pixels are tightly packed, which means there is no latticing - a weave of vertical and horizontal lines - to distract from the view. That’s something many other goggle makers can’t say about their products.

    Eyeglass Wearers Welcome

    Don’t worry if you wear eyeglasses. DJI Goggles are likely to fit. The solution is simple enough: The goggle are designed with notches that accommodate a wide range of hinged eyeglass temples. That’s a thoughtful touch. The snug fit, even if you’re wearing glasses, keeps out ambient light for a better view of the screens, and all but a tiny, unobtrusive amount of light for a few users (depending on the shape of your nose).

    Flip-Up Goggles

    DJI Goggles make it easy to look momentarily at something other than the view - your remote controller, maybe, or a friend who beckons you to “take a look at this.” Just flip the goggles up, the way a baseball player might flip up his hinged sunglasses after he catches a popup on a bright day. The hinge that connects the goggles to the headband holds them up so you can see what you need to see. Just flip the goggles back down and you’re back to your flight view.

    Trackpad Controls

    The right temple of the goggles has a trackpad that accepts fingertip commands during flight. You can lock and unlock the DJI Goggles trackpad with simple swipes, and you can use it to access all the data and buttons displayed on the screens. It also lets you access menus displayed on the goggle screens. On the Mavic Pro, there’s no function you can’t access. You can access most functions on Phantom 4 drones. Functions are not accessible from the trackpad when flying drones from the Inspire series.

    Diopter Adjustment, Function Button

    Beneath the right temple, on the underside of the goggles, are two controls. One of them is a diopter adjustment. As with an SLR or binoculars, simply turn the notched ring to adjust the screen image to your eyesight. Adjustment may be needed when you allow someone else to wear the goggles. The other adjustment is a Function button, marked Fn. Pressing it returns you to the previous menu on the screens.

    Watching Video, Playing Games

    Would you be more likely to invest in a pair of goggles if you could take advantage of such great video imagery on something other than a drone? With DJI Goggles, you can. Using the microHDMI port, you can hook up to many devices with an HDMI out port for a great visual experience. Use them for playing games, or for watching movies or video from a computer. The design of the goggles allows the simultaneous use of the goggles with ear buds or many models of headphones when watching video. You can load your drone video directly onto a microSD card of up to 64GB and play it back from the headset.  

    Real-Time Video with Low Latency

    The transmitted video displayed on the twin screens of the DJI Goggles are as close to real time as you’ll get. The latency of the images is as low as a mere 110ms. That means you not only see what your drone sees in First Person View, but you see it virtually when your drone sees it. And because the hidden antennas are designed for 360-degree reception, you’ll experience it no matter where your drone is, even if it’s behind you.

    DJI Goggles Description 1DJI Goggles Description 2DJI Goggles Description 3

    1. DJI Goggles supports Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 series and Inspire series. Some functions will be adapted for different DJI Products.

    2. HD mode: 1080p/30fps: near-field with no interference; 720p/30fps: at long range or with interference; Smooth Mode: 720p/60fps.

    3. Using the Mavic Pro, stream wirelessly at 720p/60fps and record video at 720p/120fps.

    4. For Mavic Pro with two pairs of DJI Goggles and two RCs only.

    5. The use of a spotter is essential when wearing DJI Goggles. The aircraft should not fly beyond the spotter’s line of sight.

    6. DJI Goggles can only play content downloaded from DJI drones,only videos with a resolution of 1080P/60fps or lower can be viewed via the Goggles.

    The following is included in your Refurbished DJI Goggles - 1080P Immersive FPV Package:

    • DJI Goggles Body ×1
    • Headband ×1
    • Micro USB Cable ×1
    • HDMI Cable ×1
    • Wire Clip ×1
    • Cleaning Cloth ×1
    • Charger ×1

    The following is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. For full details about Expo Drone's and the manufacturer's shipping, returns and warranty policies, please visit our Store Policies page:

    Main Controller: 12 Months
    Optical Module: 6 Months
    Battery: 6 Months
    Battery Charger: 6 Months
    Frame: No Warranty

    Expo Drone does not offer warranties of any kind on products. All warranties are manufacturer warranties. Any problems you may experience with your drone products must be addressed with the manufacturer.

    At Expo Drone, we strive to process and ship your order as quickly as possible. Most in-stock, non-custom products ship within 2 business days (Mon-Fri excluding shipping holidays). In the rare event that a non-custom order takes more than 2 business days to ship, we will notify you.

    These rules for shipping, returns and refunds apply to most products sold on this website except for crash warranties. Once a drone has shipped and a crash warranty # has been generated and emailed to you, crash warranties cannot be canceled or refunded in whole or part.

    Order Changes

    If you need to make any changes to your order, please do so immediately. We try to get orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Once an order's status has been marked as "Awaiting Tracking Number" it is too late to stop the order. It could be anywhere from already packaged to on the truck when you receive an email with the "Awaiting Tracking Number" order status. Any cancellations made after an order is marked as "Awaiting Tracking Number" will incur a 10% restocking fee.

    No Address Changes Allowed

    In order to help prevent fraud, we do not allow address changes to an order nor will we allow a package to be held for pickup at the shipping company's facility. If you place an order and need to change the delivery address, you must immediately request that the original order be canceled and then re-visit the website and place a new order. Obviously, once an order has been marked as "Awaiting Tracking Number" or "Fulfilled" (which means it has already been processed through our warehouse and shipped), there is no way to cancel the order nor change its delivery address.

    Signature Required Delivery

    All items shipped by Expo Drone require a signature for delivery. Please be sure that someone is at the shipping destination to receive and sign for your package(s) on the delivery date indicated through your tracking number. It is your responsibility to arrange for another delivery if nobody is available to sign for the package at time of delivery. It is also the customer's responsibility to ensure that the person signing for a package at their property is someone authorized to sign for the package. If someone signs for a package at your property, it is considered delivered. In order to mitigate fraud, under no circumstances will we have a package held for pickup at the shipping company nor will we re-route a package to another delivery address.

    Expo Drone is only responsible for products up to the time that they are received by the shipping company and title to the package's contents is transferred to the buyer the moment the package is received by the shipping company. Any problems that arise after the package has been received by the shipping company need to be addressed with the shipping company.

    Undeliverable Packages

    If for any reason, a package cannot be delivered, the customer is responsible for our costs to ship the package and any additional costs associated with the delivery, re-delivery attempts and return shipment to us as well as a 10% re-stocking fee. This is true even if the customer received "free" shipping (shipping is only free for products that are delivered and not returned).

    Refusal of Delivery: If a package is refused for delivery, outside of arriving damaged or in a damaged box, the customer will be responsible for actual shipping charges incurred by Expo Drone. Once we receive the package back in the warehouse, we will issue a credit to the original form of payment for the purchase price less the actual shipping cost of shipping the package to you. This shipping charge will apply even if you were not originally charged shipping under a free shipping promotion. In addition, there is a 10% restocking fee for all returned orders.

    Incorrect Shipping Address Provided: Packages that are returned to us because of an incorrect address provided by the customer will be subject to additional shipping charges as well as a restocking fee of 10%. This shipping charge will apply even if you were not originally charged shipping under a free shipping promotion. Requests for packages to be reshipped will have the restocking fee waived but will be subject to a reshipping fee.


    Expo Drone only accepts "buyer's remorse" returns of unopened packages within 10 days of the order date. We do not accept returns for drone products that are not working - that is a warranty issue that you need to contact the manufacturer about. Once a package is opened, all issues must be addressed with the manufacturer.

    For "buyer's remorse" returns, please notify us within 10 days of the order date of your intention to return an unopened package in order to receive a return authorization from us and instructions on where to ship the package (we do not accept return shipments at our corporate offices). We do not accept "buyer's remorse" returns after 10 days of the order date, regardless of reason - even if it took more than 10 days for you to receive it. Any packages that are returned without a return authorization will be refused and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping back to them, as well.

    There is a 10% processing fee on all returned orders. In addition, customers are responsible for the cost of returning packages to us as well as our original cost to ship the package to you, whether you received "free shipping" or not. In other words, shipping is only free to customers who keep their purchases. Refunds will be processed in the amount of the original order, less a 10% re-stocking fee, less our actual shipping costs to get the product(s) to you.

    CPS Drone Protection

    Once a drone has been marked as "Fulfilled", CPS Drone Protection Warranties cannot be canceled. There are no refunds whatsoever on drone protection policies, regardless of the reason.


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