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DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter
DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter

DJI Inspire 2 Quadcopter

$3,299.00 $3,699.00

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    The DJI Inspire 2 - The Drone That Hollywood Uses!

    Reach new heights in quadcopter excellence with the DJI Inspire 2. Not only fast and maneuverable, the Inspire 2 is smarter than any previous drone and its super smooth gimbal can handle some of the best drone cameras on the market.

    The DJI Inspire 2 drone features a flying platform that, when equipped with a compatible camera, can shoot truly professional cinema-grade aerial video and aerial photography. Depending on your camera choice, you can shoot 5.2K or 4K video, and highly detailed 20.8MP stills. With the proper licensing, you can even do post-production editing in CinemaDNG, RAW or Apple ProRes. (Additional licensing can be purchased directly from DJI (sold separately).

    *NOTE: Inspire 2 drones DO NOT come with a camera. You can add a camera via the check boxes above the Add to Cart button.



    Some of the Inspire 2 features include:

    • Standard FPV camera for pilot
    • Accommodation for removable gimbals and cameras
    • Built-in CineCore processing for higher-quality video and stills
    • Simultaneous recording on microSD and CineCore storage cards
    • Redundant sensors for maximum reliability
    • Range of up to 4.3-miles
    • Flight time of up to 27 minutes
    • Top speed of up to 58 miles per hour
    • 0-50 mph in 4 seconds
    • Compatibility with DJI X4S fixed-lens camera and X5S and X7 interchangeable lens cameras (sold separately or in our other bundles)
    • 5.2K video with optional equipment
    • Shooting modes that lock onto your subject and make it easier to generate creative aerial video when flying solo
    • Capable of using master-slave controllers for separate pilot and videographer drone control
    • Inspire 2 drones DO NOT come with a camera. You can add a camera via the check boxes above the Add to Cart button.

    Superior Autonomy from Redundant Sensors

    As the premier manufacturer of drones, DJI is already known for the trmendous reliability of their drones. Unforseen things happen with electronics occasionally; however, if a sensor does go down, the ability to get the job done will not be hindered. Inspire 2 has both GPS and GLONASS, so if one system becomes unavailable, the other will pick up guidance responsibilities. It even has redundant compasses and IMUs as well as dual sensors forward, overhead and below.

    If a battery should fail, Inspire 2 returns home safely on its other battery. Then, it will accurately return to the shooting position it left off at after you swap out fresh batteries. Even better, you can hot swap, which definitely is a time saver.

    Lightbridge: Long Range Dependability

    Video transmission is through DJI’s Lightbridge program. It has a range of 4.3 miles. And it has two frequencies - 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz. If the Inspire 2 detects interference on one frequency, it automatically switches to the other. That keeps your streamed video constant and sharp.

    Obstacle Avoidance

    You work to make sure nothing gets in the way of your career, or of an important assignment, so it’s only appropriate that nothings gets in the way of your Inspire 2, either.

    Inspire 2 can sense obstacles a far away as 94 feet, even when it flies as fast as 34 mph. It will sense and avoid obstacles whether you are at the controls, you use Tap Fly, or Return to Home is activated.

    Flying indoors? Sensors detect overhead objects as a far away as 16 feet, and objects in front as close as 2 feet.

    Terrain Awareness

    With ActiveTrack, the Inspire can recognize and follow its subject. But what if the subject is walking uneven terrain - along a trail, or up and down stairs? Inspire 2’s bottom sensors help it recognize changes in terrain. It will follow along just as it’s supposed to, maintaining a uniform height off the ground.

    Head-Snapping Performance

    Four 15-inch propellers - the huge props generate gobs of thrust - can accelerate the Inspire 2 from 0 to 50 mph in just 4 seconds. Your equipment van won’t come close.

    Filming a chase scene? The crooks will outrun the cops before they escape the Inspire 2, which can hit 67 mph and maneuver to follow their every turn. After all, it will lock onto them. Want to get that elevated shot fast? Inspire 2 can climb at 19.7 feet per second. Go ahead and yell “Close up!” Inspire 2 can descend at a breathtaking 29 feet per second. You won’t miss a single, valuable high-def frame of action.

    Return to Home

    Return to Home is engineered to get your drone back safely to you if a signal is lost or power becomes unacceptably low. Return to Home is smart. Return to Home is safe. Return to Home is insurance on your investment.

    Here’s how it works: The Inspire 2 creates a real-time map of the route you direct it to take. That’s part of what the vision sensors do. If Return to Home is activated automatically, the Inspire 2 goes to its memory of the route - the safe, obstacle-free route it just took -  and follows it home.

    If the signal is restored, the Inspire 2 flies home on a straight line, automatically avoiding obstacles in its path.

    Live TV from the Inspire 2

    For a TV crew using an Inspire 2, transmitting images live for a real-time television broadcast is quite simple. The 1080i50 or 780p60 video streamed from the Inspire 2 can go straight into living rooms. Just connect the Inspire 2 remote controller to the satellite truck. With a satellite link, the signal can be sent instantly anywhere in the world.

    TapFly Frees Your Hands

    With TapFly, you can touch an area of the FPV screen and the Inspire 2 will follow the route you designate. That frees the pilot’s hands from commanding the drone. It lets the pilot concentrate on aerial imaging. TapFly lets you pay attention to gimbal movement, not the flight route.

    High-Performance Cameras

    The Inspire 2 produces quality video and stills with either of two cameras available. Both are stabilized by DJI’s motorized, nearly silent 3-axis gimbal. Their performance is elevated by a DJI CineCore processor, which is built into the Inspire 2 itself.

    • The DJI X5S and X7 cameras accept interchangeable lenses, ranging from a wide angle 18 mm equivalent in 35mm format, to a 90 mm equivalent telephoto lens for tighter shots. CineCore 2 processing, which is built into the Inspire 2 body, allows the X5S to shoot cinematic-quality 5.2K video at 30fps. It shoots 4K video at 60fps. Stills are recorded at 20.8MP, and they are shot in mind-boggling 20 fps bursts.   

    Ground shooting

    Although the gimbal and camera can be removed from the Inspire 2, no Osmo Handheld System for the X5S camera is yet available. It’s coming, however, so stay tuned. Until that time, you can handhold the Inspire 2 for ground video, relying on its gimbal to smooth your hand and body movements from the video. The Inspire 2 weighs about 7.6 pounds.

    Shooting Modes: Like Having Extra Hands

    ActiveTrack lets you lock onto your subject, but shooting modes in the Inspire 2 let you get sophisticated video and stills even if you don’t have a dedicated camera operator.

    Quick Mode locks onto and begins following the subject immediately.

    Composition Mode memorizes the subject, then begins tracking the subject when it enters a certain area, needing only your command. The gimbal settings can be changed for creative shots.

    Point of Interest lets you lock on a subject and circle it, recording as you go.

    With Waypoints, you can fly a route and mark certain spots, and the drone will automatically fly the route, stop where you told it to, and record, then hover or return home - your choice.

    Spotlight keeps an object in the frame as you maneuver your Inspire 2 for creative angles. Climb, dive, circle, hover - with Spotlight, your subject remains in your images.

      *Note the Inspire 2 does NOT come with a Camera*

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      Crash Protection Plan (Optional)

      • Covers crash and liquid damage
      • Covers parts and labor
      • International coverage (everywhere!)
      • Unlimited claims
      • Low-cost peace of mind

      [Note: Drone protection plan options will be offered during the checkout process.]

      Rest Easy Knowing Your Inspire 2 is Covered by CPS!

      Some drone pilots never really experience the true thrill and freedom of flying the DJI Inspire 2 because they are so worried about crashing their drone. Don't be one of those people; get out there and have fun!

      If for any reason your Inspire 2 sustains impact or liquid damage, rest assured – you are covered with CPS! Having a full drone warranty plan gives you total peace of mind, knowing that you’re covered by the best in the business.

      Not only that, but if you get the 2 year warranty coverage, it extends the warranty beyond the manufacturer's limited warranty.

      Select from either one year or two year coverage plans for your DJI Inspire 2, above. Check out the prices and we think you will agree that the two year plans are an incredible value!

      PLEASE NOTE: This plan DOES NOT include the gimbal camera, since it is an add-on and not included in the Inspire 2 drone package.

      Top Rated Drone Warranty Coverage!

      • Covers Impact Damage & Malfunctions
      • Covers Drone & Remote Control if packaged with drone (ZenMuse camera not included)
      • Covers Liquid Damage
      • 100% Comprehensive Parts & Labor Protection
      • Unlimited Claims
      • Fully Renewable, Fully Transferable
      • Full International Coverage Wherever You Are
      • Contracts start on Date of Purchase
      • $200 Deductible applies
      • Only covers what originally comes with Drone - no aftermarket or add-on pieces covered
      • Does not cover ordinary maintenance components or consumables (i.e. worn propellers or batteries that no longer hold a full charge)
      • Must have all original parts/pieces when filing a claim. Missing items will not be replaced or covered
      • Lost/Stolen products are not covered

      [Note: Drone protection plan options will be offered during the checkout process.]

      A Drone Warranty is an Absolute Necessity!

      Anyone who has ever flown a drone before will tell you two things:

      1. You can never have enough charged batteries
      2. You WILL crash the drone at some point

      Even the most seasoned drone pilots still occasionally crash their drones. Accidents are inevitable for many reasons:

      • Sudden gust of wind
      • Over-correction to avoid an obstacle (or bird or another drone)
      • Collision with an obstacle (or bird or another drone)
      • Pilot inexperience
      • Mid-air component failure
      • Loss of battery power
      • (and dozens of other truly bizarre stories we have heard over the years)

      Not all crashes are fatal to drones. Sometimes they just need a new propeller or two and sometimes they just get a bit scuffed up. Anything beyond that, and repairs can get expensive - especially if the camera that came with the drone gets damaged. If the drone is too badly damaged, it cannot be repaired or the repairs are so expensive, you are better off buying a whole new drone.

      We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of having extra drone warranty coverage. The manufacturer will not cover anything if your drone has been involved in a crash, regardless of the reason. And, like cell phone companies, they will always look for the slightest bit of "water damage" do deny warranty claims for any component failures.

      [Note: Drone protection plan options will be offered during the checkout process.]

      Drone Deductible

      Drone coverage only applies to what came in the actual drone package and not to anything additional that may have been bundled with the drone (batteries and propellers excluded). There is a $200 deductible associated with any damage claim to a DJI Inspire 2.


      What does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover?

      The CPS Accidental Drone Warranty covers full parts and labor on all internal hardware failure, as well as the extra added benefit of Accidental Damage Protection. This contract is specifically for drones used recreationally (consumer use only). Deductible applies at time of claim.

      Does the Drone coverage start on the date of purchase, or is it an extended warranty plan?

      The CPS Accidental Drone Warranty coverage begins on the end user’s date of purchase. For example, if the customer purchases a drone with a 2 year CPS plan, they will receive 2 total years from date of purchase. There is a 30 day claims hold to prevent DOAs or manufacturer defects, and CPS coverage will begin on day 31. Any claims that occur during that first 30 days would not be covered under this plan.

      Does accidental coverage protect my drone against crashes?

      Yes it does! This is exactly what the CPS Accidental Drone warranty is for. It covers physical damage, excessive damage, impact damage, water damage, and everything in between.

      What doesn’t the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover?

      Unfortunately this contract will not cover lost or stolen products, routine maintenance products (like propellers), consumables (like batteries) or any add-on accessories, whether they were part of a bundled purchase or not.

      Does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover the camera or gimbal?

      No. The Inspire 2 drone does not come with a gimbal and camera. They are considered to be optional add-on accessories.

      Will the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover propellers?

      Replacing the drone’s propellers is a maintenance issue and is not covered under warranty. Propellers are user replaceable parts. Depending on the manufacturer, it is recommended to replace propellers if you notice a change in flight experience or experience noisy/unbalanced flight.

      Does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover the rechargeable battery?

      Batteries are consumables and are not covered under warranty.

      What happens if the remote control malfunctions or is damaged. Would that be covered as well?

      Great question! CPS will cover the remote (that was included in the box from the manufacturer) for full parts and labor on any hardware malfunctions, as well as any accidental damage claims. If the remote was not part of the original package by the manufacturer (even if it was an add-on in a bundle), it will not be covered.

      How would I file a claim? Is there anything I would need to have?

      Filing a claim is easy! You can contact CPS by phone or email to file a claim. You also can file a claim directly through your CPS Client Care account, and via the chat on CPS website. You would need to submit your CPS Membership ID # to file a claim, the drone’s serial #, along with a copy of your original purchase receipt.

      Who will repair my drone? Is there anywhere I can bring their drone in locally for service?

      After providing the deductible payment, you will be directed to ship your product at your expense to CPS’s depot repair facility. Once received, based on the manufacturer, the drone will either be fixed by our in house Drone Repair Center or sent to the manufacturer directly. Unfortunately at this time you would be unable to repair your drones locally, as CPS would not be able to control the quality of the repair.

      I noticed that a deductible applies at time of claim, how is that determined?

      Drone coverage only applies to what came in the actual drone package and not to anything additional that may have been bundled with the drone. It applies to the drone, any camera that was attached to the drone by the manufacturer and the remote if included in the drone package by the manufacturer. The amount of the deductible is determined by the retail price of the drone, itself.

      Will my coverage continue after CPS repairs my drone?

      Yes it will! The coverage will remain in place until the contract expires, or unless the drone is replaced under warranty.

      How many claims can I file over the life of their warranty plan?

      You can file unlimited claims on their product, but coverage will cap out once the repair costs reach the original purchase price of their product.

      What happens if the service center cannot repair the drone because of excessive damage, or if it’s beyond economical repair?

      If CPS cannot fix the drone, CPS will replace it. CPS also will offer you the option of a check for the cost of the replacement.

      Will the CPS coverage continue on to the replacement drone?

      Unfortunately no, once the drone is replaced the CPS contract is considered fulfilled. You can purchase a new Drone Warranty for their replacement unit.

      If I lost my drone, can they transfer the warranty over to the new drone I am purchasing?

      Unfortunately no, if a unit is lost, the CPS warranty coverage would be voided and, therefore, not transferable to another drone.

      I am selling my drone, can I sell the warranty with it?

      You absolutely can. Transferring ownership is simple via the CPS Customer Experience Department. Please note, a $25.00 transfer fee will apply.

      Does the CPS Accidental Drone Warranty cover commercially used drones?

      This plan will only cover drones used recreationally (consumer use only). Unfortunately we do not have coverage for commercial pilots at this time.

      [Note: Drone protection plan options will be offered during the checkout process.]


      The following is included in your Inspire 2 Quadcopter & Controller Package:

      • Aircraft Body x 1
      • Remote Controller x 1
      • Propellers (pair) x 4
      • Intelligent Flight Battery (TB50) x 2
      • Battery Charger x 1
      • Charging Hub x 1
      • *Power Cable x 1
      • *USB Cable (with Double A Ports) x 1
      • *Micro SD Card (16GB) x 1
      • *Vision System Calibration Plate x 1
      • *Gimbal Damper x 3
      • *Propeller Mounting Plate x 1
      • *Carrying Case x 1
      • *Battery Insulation Sticker x 1
      • Product Manuals
        • In the Box
        • Quick Start Guide
        • Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines
        • Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines

      * Not covered by warranty

      The following is covered by the manufacturer's warranty. For full details about Expo Drone's and the manufacturer's shipping, returns and warranty policies, please visit our Store Policies page:

      Whole Units (except for gimbal camera, and battery): 12 Months and Flight Hour less than 200 Hours
      X4S/X5S Gimbal Camera (if added as an option): 12 months
      Battery: 6 Months and Charge Cycle less than 200 Times
      Battery Charger: 9 Months
      Battery Charging Hub: 9 Months
      Propeller and Propeller Mounting Plates: No Warranty
      Remote Controller: 12 Months
      CINESSD (480G): 12 Months and the Total Bytes Written (TBW) less than 150TB
      CINESSD (240G, 120G): 12 Months and the Total Bytes Written (TBW) less than 75TB
      CINESSD Card Reader: 12 Months

      Expo Drone does not offer warranties of any kind on products. All warranties are manufacturer warranties. Any problems you may experience with your drone products must be addressed with the manufacturer.

      At Expo Drone, we strive to process and ship your order as quickly as possible. Most in-stock, non-custom products ship within 2 business days (Mon-Fri excluding shipping holidays). In the rare event that a non-custom order takes more than 2 business days to ship, we will notify you.

      These rules for shipping, returns and refunds apply to most products sold on this website except for crash warranties. Once a drone has shipped and a crash warranty # has been generated and emailed to you, crash warranties cannot be canceled or refunded in whole or part.

      Order Changes

      If you need to make any changes to your order, please do so immediately. We try to get orders processed and shipped as quickly as possible. Once an order's status has been marked as "Awaiting Tracking Number" it is too late to stop the order. It could be anywhere from already packaged to on the truck when you receive an email with the "Awaiting Tracking Number" order status. Any cancellations made after an order is marked as "Awaiting Tracking Number" will incur a 10% restocking fee.

      No Address Changes Allowed

      In order to help prevent fraud, we do not allow address changes to an order nor will we allow a package to be held for pickup at the shipping company's facility. If you place an order and need to change the delivery address, you must immediately request that the original order be canceled and then re-visit the website and place a new order. Obviously, once an order has been marked as "Awaiting Tracking Number" or "Fulfilled" (which means it has already been processed through our warehouse and shipped), there is no way to cancel the order nor change its delivery address.

      Signature Required Delivery

      All items shipped by Expo Drone require a signature for delivery. Please be sure that someone is at the shipping destination to receive and sign for your package(s) on the delivery date indicated through your tracking number. It is your responsibility to arrange for another delivery if nobody is available to sign for the package at time of delivery. It is also the customer's responsibility to ensure that the person signing for a package at their property is someone authorized to sign for the package. If someone signs for a package at your property, it is considered delivered. In order to mitigate fraud, under no circumstances will we have a package held for pickup at the shipping company nor will we re-route a package to another delivery address.

      Expo Drone is only responsible for products up to the time that they are received by the shipping company and title to the package's contents is transferred to the buyer the moment the package is received by the shipping company. Any problems that arise after the package has been received by the shipping company need to be addressed with the shipping company.

      Undeliverable Packages

      If for any reason, a package cannot be delivered, the customer is responsible for our costs to ship the package and any additional costs associated with the delivery, re-delivery attempts and return shipment to us as well as a 10% re-stocking fee. This is true even if the customer received "free" shipping (shipping is only free for products that are delivered and not returned).

      Refusal of Delivery: If a package is refused for delivery, outside of arriving damaged or in a damaged box, the customer will be responsible for actual shipping charges incurred by Expo Drone. Once we receive the package back in the warehouse, we will issue a credit to the original form of payment for the purchase price less the actual shipping cost of shipping the package to you. This shipping charge will apply even if you were not originally charged shipping under a free shipping promotion. In addition, there is a 10% restocking fee for all returned orders.

      Incorrect Shipping Address Provided: Packages that are returned to us because of an incorrect address provided by the customer will be subject to additional shipping charges as well as a restocking fee of 10%. This shipping charge will apply even if you were not originally charged shipping under a free shipping promotion. Requests for packages to be reshipped will have the restocking fee waived but will be subject to a reshipping fee.


      Expo Drone only accepts "buyer's remorse" returns of unopened packages within 10 days of the order date. We do not accept returns for drone products that are not working - that is a warranty issue that you need to contact the manufacturer about. Once a package is opened, all issues must be addressed with the manufacturer.

      For "buyer's remorse" returns, please notify us within 10 days of the order date of your intention to return an unopened package in order to receive a return authorization from us and instructions on where to ship the package (we do not accept return shipments at our corporate offices). We do not accept "buyer's remorse" returns after 10 days of the order date, regardless of reason - even if it took more than 10 days for you to receive it. Any packages that are returned without a return authorization will be refused and the customer will be responsible for the return shipping back to them, as well.

      There is a 10% processing fee on all returned orders. In addition, customers are responsible for the cost of returning packages to us as well as our original cost to ship the package to you, whether you received "free shipping" or not. In other words, shipping is only free to customers who keep their purchases. Refunds will be processed in the amount of the original order, less a 10% re-stocking fee, less our actual shipping costs to get the product(s) to you.

      CPS Drone Protection

      Once a drone has been marked as "Fulfilled", CPS Drone Protection Warranties cannot be canceled. There are no refunds whatsoever on drone protection policies, regardless of the reason.

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