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LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products
LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products
LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products
LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products
LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products
LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products

LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire & Matrice Products

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Professional-level drones such as the DJI Inspire and Matrice should have professional-level drone lighting for night flying and aerial illumination. That doesn’t mean the lights need to be expensive. The LumeCube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire and Matrice Products is a bargain: It’s not just affordable, but also a stellar performer.

You’ll get a lot of light—up to 1,500 lumens from each LumeCube, or 3,000 lumens total. Fly at night, or cast aerial lighting on subjects you are video recording or photographing with a handheld or tripod-mounted camera. Each LumeCube light measures just 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs just 3.5 ounces.

LumeCube output is adjustable in either of two ways: by using a button on top of the cube to vary the light in 10 percent increments before you fly, or by using your iPhone or Android phone with the downloadable app to set in 1 percent increments, before or during flight.

LumeCube Lighting Kit for Inspire/Matrice features:

  • Lumens: Up to 3,000 from twin LumeCube lights (1,500 lumens each)
  • Mounting brackets: Two Inspire/Matrice/Ronin mounting brackets requiring no tools
  • Mounts: ¼-in. 20 screws on mounting brackets mesh with ¼-in. 20 female receptacles on lights
  • Modes: Video flood lighting or slave flash
  • Runtime: More than 2 hours at 50 percent power
  • Adjustments: Button atop each cube adjusts light in 10 percent increments; program downloadable to iPhone or Android device wirelessly adjusts output in 1 percent increments
  • Recharging: 40-60 minutes via USB cable and miniport, connected to a computer, wall outlet, car power port or battery pack

Small Size, Big Light

Illumination in each LumeCube comes from a 1,500-lumen daylight-balanced LED. Intensity is more than 750 Lux. The beam angle is 60 degrees. With 270 refraction points, the lens emits lighting that is even, with no hot spots and smooth falloff. With two lights, the LumeCube Lighting Kit for the Inspire/Matrice emits up to 3,000 lumens, enough to illuminate even the darkest setting.

Easy To Mount Without Tools

No tools are needed to attach the two brackets in the LumeCube lighting kit to the Inspire or Matrice, or to mount the LumeCubes to the brackets. The mounting brackets are designed to snap securely onto the arms of the Inspire and Matrice. The LumeCube lights have a ¼-inch 20 female receptacle that twists onto the screws extending from the brackets. A thumb screw tightens against each LumeCube.   

Perfect Fit for DJI Ronin Gimbal

The clamps that fasten onto the arms of the Inspire and Matrice can do double duty, also fitting the tubular stock in the DJI Ronin gimbal. Used to light video subjects, the LumeCube has a 20-minute runtime, but it also can run from a bigger battery pack that you might be using on the gimbal.

Li-Ion Battery

The Li-Ion battery that powers each LumeCube is built in and rechargeable. There’s no need to wait until the battery is completely discharged to begin recharging. Just plug the included micro USB cord into an AC outlet adaptor, computer, battery pack or car power port adaptor. Recharging takes 40 to 60 minutes.

Runtime, if the LumeCube is used at 50 percent, is 2-plus hours. Full-on continuous illumination for video is about 20 minutes.  

Total LumeCube Control

Two buttons atop each LumeCube offer convenient adjustments. One button flashes the light. The other adjusts the light output in 10 percent increments, with 10 settings. More detailed control is available through LumeCube’s Bluetooth connectivity to either an iPhone or Android phone. A downloadable smartphone app allows you to remotely program multiple LumeCube lights—including both lights in the Mavic Pro kit—in 1 percent increments. It also reads out battery reserve levels.

LumeCube Diffusers, Warming Gels

The optional Light-House modification system allows LumeCube to accept warming gels and other diffusing elements over the lens. Attachment is elegantly simple, using magnets. The Light-House cover slips on and snaps into its secure, locked position. No tools are needed to install and remove the cover or diffuser attachments.

Water Resistant

Looking for underwater lighting? Remove the LumeCubes from your Inspire or Matrice and you can immerse them to a depth of 100 feet. LumeCube’s waterproof encasement makes it ideal for use in rain or on a beach, even where crashing waves generate a spray. The micro USB recharging port has a waterproof screw-on cover. And the control buttons on top of the cube are protected by a waterproof membrane.

Slave Flash

An optical sensor allows the LumeCube to work as a slave flash for still photography. The flash syncs down to 1/125 of a second. Setting for flash photography takes seconds. With the quarter-inch female mounting port on the bottom, the LumeCube can mount on a tripod or mini tripod. It can run off its recharged battery for slave flash duty, or from an AC outlet. Multiple LumeCubes can be used in slave arrangements, with the output for each set by using the smartphone app.

Other Available Drone Mounts, Lighting Kits

Also available from ExpoDrone are brackets for the Phantom 4. Use the LumeCube lights you already have.

Complete lighting kits also are available for the Yuneec Typhoon H. Each complete lighting kit includes two LumeCube lights in addition to the drone mounting brackets.

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